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Pitanga Club

Pitanga Club is a dating application specialized in polyamour. Here you will find men, women and couples interested in experiencing all the possibilities of love.

What is polyamory?

It is having emotional relationship with more than one person simultaneously with consent of all. Based on equal rights, with well-defined rules.

Rule and format of polyamory



Those involved are faithful, and can not relate lovingly or sexually to people outside the relationship.

Open relationship


Everyone is free to relate as they please, with people outside the relationship.



It happens when people have relationships with each other and everyone interacts.

In T


When three people date, but two have a stronger relationship. Usually occurs when a couple dates a third person.



It happens when everyone gets directly involved. They can involve men and women and usually all are bisexual.



It consists of four members and there may be a relationship between two or more people in the group.

About us


The Pitanga Club has been designed for people who want to experience new possibilities in love.
Connect with those looking for polyamorous relationships, whether in a lasting relationship or in a simple fantasy. 

Photo Policy

Users can can public and private photos. Private photos can only be viewed by authorized users. It is prohibited to use photos of children, in any situation, whether in public or private mode, and the user is banned from the network if he / she does not comply with this rule.

Premium users

For more demanding users the Pitanga Club brings complete features like: unlimited messages, featured profile, Invisible mode, Check your likes, special delivery, detailed search and audio and video conversations.

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Know the history of João, Tereza and Raimundo

In the media

Pitanga Club conecta pessoas a fim de relações poliamorosas

O Pitanga Club é o mais novo aplicativo de relacionamentos do pedaço, voltado para pessoas que querem viver um amor a dois, três ou até quatro.

Pitanga Club - Aplicativos Conheça dois aplicativos para quem quer se aventurar no sexo a três

Uma das opções ainda permite que você escolha se você está interessado apenas em aventuras ou em busca de um relacionamento poliafetivo.

Aplicativos facilitam sexo a três

Ele faz as buscas dele, e eu faço as minhas. Quando nos deparamos com um 'match' (combinação) mostramos um ao outro e, se interessar para ambos, começamos a conversar.